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Knot Tying Instructions


Here is a handy knot tying instructions slide show from our friends at Orvis, the 'Orvis Animated Knot Series'. It will show you how to tie all the knots you need to go fly fishing, from the basic knots to some more advanced knots for specific uses. Whether you are a beginner or just want to learn more advanced knots to enhance your fly fishing experience, this slide show will show you all the steps.

We recommend getting some larger line or tippet in the beginning to learn the steps. Once you have learned the knot you can move to smaller diameters and practice, practice. practice. Happy tying!

Because new gear is coming out all of the time, we have discounts on the old fly fishing gear that we post on our Closeouts page. We update it from time to time as gear becomes available at more affordable prices.

If you are looking for specific products, colors, or sizes, please contact us at either of our Fly Fishing Shops for more information.

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