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Roaring Fork Fishing Report



Fly Fishing Report for the 4 Main Rivers in the Roaring Fork Valley, the Roaring Fork River, Frying Pan River, Colorado River and the Crystal River. The fishing report is updated regularly so check back often for current information. If you have any questions or contact us for the most current conditions and fly fishing report. We also have a hatch chart available for general bug hatch information.

Frying Pan River Fishing Report


Good Midge hatches have been occurring late morning to early afternoon on the Pan. The size 22-24 adults and emergers have been key to getting these picky risers to eat. The cloudy days we have been haveing are awsome for this hatch. The Frying Pan River is typically the most consistant river in the area during the Spring Runoff. There are still some fluctuations to come but it usually maintains good fishabilty throughout. In the next few weeks there sould be Midges, Baetis and Caddis hatches. Don't forget to stretch before excessive use of your elbows. You'll need at least one to cast.

If you find the Upper Frying Pan River near the dam is too dam crowded, the middle and lower Frying Pan River is a great change of pace.  Flies are similar, but concentrate on deeper pools for nymphing and look for other places that aren't normally fished. You might find a gem!

Call us for the most current conditions or stop by to find out more before wading.

Dries: 20 - 24 Para Adams, CDC Adult Midge, Morgans Para Midge, Low Rider Midge, Trailing Shuck Midge, Extended Body Baetis, Comparadun Baetis, Peacock Caddis, X Caddis
Mysis (Toilet Bowl to Baetis Bridge): Charlie's Mysis, Ultra Mysis, Epoxy Mysis, BTS Mysis
Nymphs:   Electric Caddis, RS2, WD40, Lively's BFD, ICU Midge, Zebra Midge, JuJu Bee, JuJu Baetis, BWO Mayhems, BWO Bat Wings,
Streamers:  Slump Busters, Coffeys Sparkle Minnow,

Frying Pan River Flows


Roaring Fork River Fishing Report


Get on up here! Its cool, flows are prime and the Roaring Fork is fishing great!

Roaring Fork River flows excellent in all areas. Clarity is excellent river wide, even below Carbondale. The Forecast is cool and cloudy. This should keep our conditions prime! Dont wait 'cause this kind of a window does not happen often! The bugs are moving around and the fish are too. Stone nymphs, Green Drake nymphs, Web Builder Caddis, Orange Stimis and dark midges have been excellent. The fish are moving to true feeding lanes and the bugs are all moving around eating and growing untill it is their time to hatch. The fish tend to take advantage of the activity and will eat almost anything they think looks good.

Floaters, when floating above Carbondale Ramp, check flows. Touching the bottom during low flows is tresspassing, and you will be called on it and may get a ticket. Anytime you are touching bottom, even just to push off rocks, you are trespassing. Check the flows first and be respectful of others.


The Roaring Fork River can be vulnerable to alot of the low level snowmelt and can be 'on again' or 'off again' on any given day. Sometimes it clears in a day or two or sometimes (if we're lucky) later in the day. We check the river daily and our guides are fishing it if they can, give us a quick call for updated info before heading our direction.

Call us for the most current conditions or stop by to find out more before floating or wading.


Dries: Para Adams, CDC Adult Midge, Morgans Para Midge, Trailing Shuck Midge, Orange Stimulator, Ginge Varient, Rogue Stone
Nymphs: LeBug, Black Mayhem black RS2, Lively's BFD, Zebra Midge, Electric Caddis, Zebra Midge, Bars net builder, Prince, 20 Incher, Pats
Streamers: Slump Busters, Goldie, Zonkers, Coffeys Sparkle Minnow, Circus Peanut, Chain Reaction

Roaring Fork River Flows


Crystal River Fishing Report


The Crystal River clarity is pretty good:) General attractor patterns are the ticket on the Crystal River, there are bugs but the fish aren't as picky as on other rivers.


Dries: Royal Wulff, Royal or Orange Stimulator, Yellow Rogue Stone
Nymphs: FFKA, BH FB Pheasant Tails, Copper Johns,  Stones, Princes - BH & non-BH

Crystal River Flows


Colorado River Fishing Report


See the Colorado River on the Wave Park Webcam.

Clarity on the Colorado is fair. Brownish Green is the color at the moment. Flows are elevated, but if the river turns green it should fish well. There are reports of salmon flies(yes, we DO have them) Rarly can we fish them, but conditions are close, please check with us for clarity on the Colorado because when it turns Green, it could be game on!

The Colorado River below GWS is at the mercy of the Roaring Fork and Crystal Rivers as far as mud is concerned, above GWS the Eagle River and the Upper Colorado River can be problematic.

The Colorado River can be vulnerable to alot of the low level snowmelt and can be 'on again' or 'off again' on any given day. We check the river daily and our guides are fishing it when it is clear, give us a quick call for updated info before heading our direction.

Call us for current conditions before you come up.


Dries: Para Adams, CDC Adult Midge, Low Rider Midge, Gulper Special, Hi Vis Baetis, Peacock Caddis
Nymphs: Pat's, 20incher, GB Epoxy Stone, Lively's Beady B, LeBug, Mayhem BWO, RS2, Mercury RS2, Electric Caddis, Lively's BFD, ICU Midge, JuJu Baetis, Electric Caddis, Green Hornet, Guides Choice Hares Ear
Streamers: Chain Reaction, Belly Dancer, Big Head Todd, Circus Peanut, Sun Ghost Dancer, Goldie, Zonkers

Colorado River Flows


Still Waters

Beaver Run Ranch on Woody Creek is open to our guided clients and it is phenomenal! A 12-15 lb rainbow was landed on the 10th. We also have other private lakes & ponds that can produce some Kodak moments. Call us about our Private Waters and their availability.

Stop by and stock up on flies or just check out some of our new patterns. Please see our Hatch Chart and contact us for fly recommendations or to book a guided fly fishing trip.


If you are planning a fishing trip out in Colorado, we encourage that you purchase your license online. Please visit the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website to buy your license online from CPW. Buy Fishing License online

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